Yevhen Huban


ResidencyBakota Hub

Hosting periodAutumn - winter 2023


After graduating from Kherson State University with a degree in Music Teaching (Guitar) in 2011, Yevhen Huban has been working as a guitar teacher in a music school, where several of his students have become laureates of various competitions. Huban also performs solo on the guitar and hosts a YouTube channel.

Story of experience of risk, relocation and/or exile

Huban was in Kherson when the full-scale invasion began. After being there for several months during the occupation, he left for the city of Kyiv with his family. They took along small suitcases and two cats, but Huban left all his musical instruments at home. Kherson was later de-occupied, but as the city continued to be bombarded, he decided to stay on in Kyiv. He applied for an Artists at Risk (AR)-Residency after learning about it from a friend, and later began a residency at BakotaHub.

Projects created during the residency period

While in residence at BakotaHub, Huban shared that he improved my mental and physical health. He also recorded a music video for a composition by one of his favorite guitar composers, Isato Nakagawa. Watch the video here.

This programme is organized by Perpetuum Mobile (PM) as part of the Artists at Risk (AR)-Network in partnership with UNESCO and with the support of The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts and Teiger Foundation.