AR Resident – Grace Munene aka Grammo Suspect

Kenyan LGBTQI musician Grammo Suspect receives emergency Covid-19 funding
Welcoming Grace Munene aka Grammo Suspect to AR-Catalonia
Schedule: Grammo Suspect – Rainbow Ambassador Kenya

Grace Munene, aka Grammo Suspect, is a Kenyan activist, rap artist and spoken word poet who uses her music to promote human rights, particularly within the LGBTQI community in Kenya.

In April 2015, Grammo Suspect released the first song on her upcoming album Embrace Diversity, which will focus on themes affecting the LGBTQI community in Kenya, Africa and the whole world at large. As an openly gay musician, Grammo Suspect has faced discrimination and abuse from the police, local gangs and the music community. Songs such as the single Our Love is Valid present a clear challenge to the conservative values of Grammo’s home country as she fights to give support to people who, like her, suffer for their sexuality.

Song: My Identity, Grammo Suspect, 2017

Grammo is an inspiration for others wishing to come out as gay in Kenya and continues to campaign publicly despite a ban from any radio stations and continued harassment for her appearances and sexuality since 2005.

Grammo Suspect – Rainbow Ambassador Kenya is an Artists-at-Risk (AR) Resident at Konvent Puntzero, Catalonia. AR- Catalonia is coordinated by Perpetuum Mobile (PM) and is funded and curated in cooperation with #NoCallerem. Coordination by the AR Secretariat is generously funded by the Kone Foundation.

AR-Catalonia at Konvent Puntzero is co-funded by #NoCallerem/Panorama180 and Perpetuum Mobile (PM) as part of PM’s “Immigré Artists (IA) and Artists at Risk (AR)” network funded by the Nordic Culture Point.

Background image, video still from the Video Our Love is Valid, Grammo Suspect, 2016

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