AR-Saastamoinen Resident Anastasiia Kolibaba

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Anastasiia Kolibaba. Courtesy of the artist.

Anastasiia Kolibaba (b. 1994) is a Ukrainian painter, sculptor, graphic artist and mixed media artist who is currently an AR-Saastamoinen resident in Helsinki, Finland.

In her artistic practice, Kolibaba is interested in studying social and cultural processes, and interconnections with the subjects rooted in everyday life motives. In her works, Kolibaba combines classical and experimental artistic methods, techniques and materials.

Kolibaba graduated from the Grekov Art College in 2012 in Odessa, Ukraine, where the artist was previously based. In 2014, Kolibaba took part in the Odyssey Festival of Music and Visual Art, hosted at the Kashtur Apartments in Odessa. Since 2018, the artist has held and participated in numerous individual and group exhibitions across Ukraine. In 2022, prior to her residency in Helsinki, the artist was a resident at the Fondazione Sant`Elia in Palermo, Italy, during which Kolibaba held a solo exhibition titled “SUR24”.

Sculpture by Anastasiia Kolibaba (2022). Exhibiting at SUR24, Palermo.

Anastasia Kolibaba is an Artists at Risk AR-Saastamoinen resident at Saastamoinen Foundation, after escaping Ukraine in August, 2022. AR-Saastamoinen Foundation Residency is funded by Saastamoinen Foundation and curated and hosted by Perpetuum Mobile / Artists at Risk (AR). She is supported by Ramiro Camelo, AR-Peer Curator during her residence in Helsinki. 


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