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Russian “Memorial” and Masha Alekhina – AR stands in Solidarity

Artists at Risk (AR) is deeply concerned about the Russian authorities’ draconian moves to shut down two of the country’s most important human rights organisations: International Memorial (Международный Мемориал ) and the Memorial Human Rights Centre (Правозащитный Центр “Мемориал”) The … Continue reading

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Support Art.490; A Film for Freedom

MANIFESTO The lyrics and music of Pablo Hasel, Valtònyc and Elgio have not only been condemned by an unjust and vindictive Spanish judicial system, but have also made them victims of media fabrication, depicting these artists as criminals and enemies … Continue reading

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AR-Resident Roma Durov

Roma Durov, otherwise known as 9cyka, is a visual artist. Durov works closely with Pussy Riot, having designed clothes for and produced paintings with the group. In 2021, Durov was caught up in the wider, ongoing crackdown against the punk-feminist … Continue reading

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AR-Resident Veronika (Nika) Nikulshina

Veronika “Nika” Nikulshina is a multidisciplinary artist and human rights defender from Russia. She is known for her work as a performance artist and as a prominent member of Pussy Riot. Her work with the punk feminist group has made … Continue reading

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AR-Resident Anna (Anya) Kuzminykh

Anna (Anya) Kuzminykh is a screenwriter and film director from Russia, known for her work as a human rights defender and member of Pussy Riot. A graduate of the renowned Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography (VGIK) with several awards to her … Continue reading

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AR-Resident Alexander (Sasha) Sofeev

Alexander (Sasha) Sofeev is a Russian artist, activist and member of Pussy Riot since 2012. His art and activism are centered on themes of protest,police brutality, political prisoners, LGBTQ rights and feminism in the Russian Federation. As a prominent member … Continue reading

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Joint NGO Statement: States break silence to condemn Egypt’s abuses at UN rights body

AR joins international NGOs and Finnish-led coalition of states in condemning systematic human rights violations in Egypt March 12, 2021 Earlier today, the Finnish Ambassador to the UN in Geneva delivered a joint statement on behalf of 31 countries urging … Continue reading

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#RiskandRebellion. Live-Stream Symposium January 24th, 2pm CET.

A mondial symposium dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the Egyptian Revolution; the 20th anniversary of the World Social Forum (WSF); and the kick-off of Artists at Risk (AR) – A European Network of Safe Havens  (AR-ENSH). LIVESTREAM: YouTube: PARTICIPANTS … Continue reading

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EVENT: Dark Reflections, outdoor dance by AR-Resident Angela Aldebs

The first two weeks of November are a dark time in Finland, in the literal sense. Arriving from much brighter climes Angela Aldebs, AR-Resident at AR-Safe Haven Helsinki, has developed a new outdoor dance performance entitled “Dark Reflections” in Kokkola, … Continue reading

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Artists at Risk (AR) re-launches the “Peer-to-Peer Review” format

Artists at Risk (AR) is based on over two decades of experience working with artist-in-residencies. Perpetuum Mobile (PM) developed, experimented and expanded with new ways of working with artists, including artists under threat, and developed several innovative formats. Aside from … Continue reading

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